I see there’s some parents out there! Welcome to my page. It’s a work in process. Parenting is a humbling challenge. The best part about it is the learning. It never stops. Here are three things I realized this week:
I was in the middle of a PlayStation game when my son climbed on my leg to balance himself. Unfortunately, he makes a better door than he does a window. I forgot what game it was because all I remember was his face when I needed him to move.
He was shocked. Confused, and frightened in the span of a second. I never want to see that for a long while.
All it took was to smile. A lot. I find myself doing it constantly. It’s actually pretty awesome. It’s contagious. We human people mimic one another all the time. Studies show we actually have trouble frowning when looking at others who are smiling. We end up subconsciously smiling.
So, I started with my son. I do it quite a bit. So much so, I’m starting to think he’s recognizing me as the “fun” parent. It’s going to be fun keeping that up.
Talk like an idiot
One of the few items I took away from parenthood classes is that — quite simply — if you want your child to communicate, you have to communicate with your child. My wife and I rattle off our next moves aloud. We literally recite our intentions. If I’m going to get up, walk to the fridge and grab some cranberry juice, then I just wrote another rap song. Serving his food? Straight jingle! Going to Grandma’s? That’s a rock tune. It’s not all music; there’s also spoken word. I do it in many voices and my son’s responses are unique.
His routine instincts are stronger and he has his own expectations within the boundaries we set. He’s understanding certain activities around our house and getting used to them. That’s a good sign.
Go with the flow
The new hot thing in the house is the game where I take my son’s security blanket, put it over my head for him to pull it away. Once my face is clear, I scream, “BEEK-A-BOO!”
It has been the go-to for social events. Whether a toddler gets a mood, it only last no more than 2 minutes if there’s something to distract him. His blankie is on his side, every second. To bestow his blanket on something (someone’s knee, a toy, etc.), he’s giving you favor. For a two-year-old, that’s MAJOR!
Now, my son is taking me to another level. I have to take the blanket and talk through it. Kind of sound like Frankenstein. Doesn’t matter, the boy is intrigued. He presses his ear, listening for the sound or just sticks his finger out for me to gnaw on it.
He’ll communicate to play that game by stretching the blanket to cover my face, and will play for a long, smothering time. Depriving me of — the other thing us human people need — oxygen.
My Steelers are on a collision course to top 10 draft pick if they don’t turn it around. Concerning my picks, I hope not to be perfect. I have total faith my prayers will be answered. However, God doesn’t arrive when you want him, but he’s always on time.
Last Week: 10-6
Total: 18-14