Creating content is fun. I’m grateful to have a career where I use my mind and virtual pen to express myself. Interesting enough with my journey into podcasting, it’s like building a retaining wall.
Developing the right amount content for a listening audience is akin to writing in the sense that material has to be… written. However, much like this blog, past posts are proving to be a foundation for what this page is all about (basically… my thoughts).
As I’m preparing to put out more episodes of the Friends+Experts podcasts (, I realize this project is much like the one in my yard. The little retaining wall I stare at from my office window reminds me of the work that most won’t see.
In order to keep the wall steady, I had to work to lay out the sand on the level and meticulously place each brick down. There was a lot of trial and error. Sometimes, the bricks were uneven. I stopped and restarted plenty of times. But once it was done, the rest was relatively easy. It was just a matter of putting each brick into its place.
I was relatively pleased with the first episode. I had a strong guest host and we didn’t get too caught up with our ums and long-paused ands. Most of all, we didn’t take ourselves too seriously although we touched upon some serious matters. However like the retaining wall, most won’t see (hear) it, and that’s okay. The process of doing this is rewarding enough.
It’s satisfying doing something that inspires myself and others. Plus, there’s more to come. Exciting times!