When I was a young, handsome eighth grade lad at Souers Junior High, I shared a study hall with a kid named A.J. (the name protects the innocent). One time after study hall, he was excited to tell me about the new Phil Collins tape (Yes, tape. Not CD or download), No Jacket Required. In addition to how holy shit on a cracker awesome the album was, what intrigued me the most was the clear exterior. At that moment, I thought it was the greatest innovation of music technology.

It’s not a clear tape, but you get my point.

Soon after, many artists during that time followed suit with the transparent presentation. Since then, delivery of music hasn’t been to exciting for me. No clear anything.  Just download this!  It’s like prostitution. Quick and no affection.

Like an album, there was something about holding a tangible object with coiled tape that projected music to your ears. You mouthed along the lyrics if they were provided. You enjoyed the cover and sleeve art. Even read the side notes and thank yous. Now, it’s download from iTunes and fuck the rest. I miss the thought that was put into an artist’s notes. It was a chance to see what Phil was thinking and what he was playing on “Take Me Home.”  There are Grammies given to the best album notes.  This is an important part of music that is getting undervalued.

But I digress.

Fast forward 30 years later, A.J. passively says pictures of food on social media is unbecoming. But this is what I do. Pontificate about random thoughts and throw up a recipe with some football predictions. Again, I’m rambling. In honor of my friend A.J., I present to you the A.J. Avocado Morning Wrap:

A.J. Avocado Morning Wrap

• One whole wheat tortilla
• Two slices of turkey deli
• Two eggs, nuked
• A half of an avocado, sliced
• Two tablespoons of Mexican blend cheese

Crack your eggs into a bowl. Stir it up and put it in the microwave for about two minutes. Throw the finished eggs and everything else on the tortilla… and wrap.

A good way to start your day. Lots of protein and libido fuel. Who needs coffee? Who am I fooling? I needs me some coffee. Peace out


SEASON: 19-13

Kansas City at Philadelphia 8:25 PM KANSAS CITY
Green Bay at Cincinnati 1:00 PM GREEN BAY
St. Louis at Dallas 1:00 PM DALLAS
San Diego at Tennessee 1:00 PM SAN DIEGO
Cleveland at Minnesota 1:00 PM MINNESOTA
Tampa Bay at New England 1:00 PM NEW ENGLAND
Arizona at New Orleans 1:00 PM NEW ORLEANS
Detroit at Washington 1:00 PM DETROIT
NY Giants at Carolina 1:00 PM NY GIANTS
Houston at Baltimore 1:00 PM HOUSTON
Atlanta at Miami 4:05 PM ATLANTA
Buffalo at NY Jets 4:25 PM BUFFALO
Indianapolis at San Francisco 4:25 PM SAN FRANCISCO
Jacksonville at Seattle 4:25 PM SEATTLE
Chicago at Pittsburgh 8:30 PM CHICAGO
Oakland at Denver 8:30 PM DENVER