October 18 is my mother’s birthday.

More than my mother, she’s my friend. She’s one of my wife’s best friends and talks to her more than I do.

For her last birthday, we took her to Disney as part of her bucket list. It was also the first time she rode a plane. Moving about with two new knees, Mom wasn’t too keen on being active at the airport until she learned of wheelchair assistance. I think she didn’t lay one foot on the ground while at Orlando or Akron-Canton.  It makes me long for the day that I’m elderly. But movement was not a problem that week. She was ridin’ dirty in her scooter.

Back to the plane… As we were boarding from Akron-Canton, I had to tell the closest attendant that this was my mother’s maiden voyage via sky. He then gave my mother a slight sigh.

Honey, you get to go First Class!
Yes honey, that’s how we do it around here!

Mom thought she won the lottery. Leather seat in a row all to herself; she felt like a queen… until takeoff.  As the plane marched unto the runway, my mother’s face was covered not wanting to take a peek out the window or anywhere near the cabin. She noticed a slight tilt that steadily increased. Looking at the window, she saw I-77 get smaller until her focus was on the horizon. I didn’t hear any screams, so I assumed she was still intact.  One hour in, I asked how she was doing.

How fast are we going?
Very fast.
Like 55 mph?

Once she had gotten over the shock of our speed, she had one more question.

What are those white things outside?
What things?
The white puffy things.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

An egg
A cup of milk
3/4 cup of oatmeal
1/2 cup of strawberries/blueberries or any berries
A tablespoon of pecans or almonds
A teaspoon of whey protein or isolate
”       ”               ”  ground flaxseed
A teaspoon of yogurt
1/2  sliced banana

Mix the first six ingredients in a bowl and nuke it for about two minutes. After it’s not so hot anymore, slap on the banana slices and dap the yogurt on it.
Momma's Morning Mouthful

Who needs coffee? You got energy for the day, right there.  Let’s run some laps around Magic Kingdom!

SEASON: 55-37

Seattle at Arizona 8:25 PM SEATTLE
Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1:00 PM ATLANTA
Cincinnati at Detroit 1:00 PM CINCINNATI
Buffalo at Miami 1:00 PM MIAMI
New England at NY Jets 1:00 PM NEW ENGLAND
Dallas at Philadelphia 1:00 PM PHILADELPHIA
Chicago at Washington 1:00 PM CHICAGO
St. Louis at Carolina 1:00 PM ST. LOUIS
San Diego at Jacksonville 1:00 PM SAN DIEGO
San Francisco at Tennessee 4:05 PM SAN FRANCISCO
Cleveland at Green Bay 4:25 PM GREEN BAY
Houston at Kansas City 4:25 PM KANSAS CITY
Baltimore at Pittsburgh 4:25 PM PITTSBURGH
Denver at Indianapolis 8:30 PM DENVER
Minnesota at NY Giants 8:30 PM NEW YORK
·Bye: Oakland, New Orleans